Premium Seafood

Aqua Gardens - fresh and natural quality
Aqua Gardens is a Singapore Company set up to establish and operate strategically located land based high tech eco-aquaculture operations globally, filling the existing and growing gap in the global consumer markets for live, or fresh and natural seafood.

The Company has been built on a rich heritage of aquaculture farming expertise and passion.

Aqua Gardens Modus Operandi promotes best practice and ecosystems, designed to ensure all Aqua Gardens farming operations provide and maintain a sustainable food supply while improving the living standards of consumers of our end products without damaging the environment in any way.

We can supply live, or fresh product daily, to your specified weight and/or size without the use of hormones, antibiotics or steroids. All products are Certified as organic.

Aqua Gardens - live, or fresh and natural seafood, consistent quality, delivered daily, to your door